HAIR GROWTH Inspiration | My Hair Growth story with 2 bottles Amazonโ€™s Choice Beer Shampoo
   By. GoSelly Admin
hair growth story with best hair growth beer shampoo

Have you ever struggled with your fine, thin hair? Since I was young, my hair has always been weak, fine, and thin. Some may say these are hereditary, but I knew there were ways to help your hair along in terms of growth and strength. Many beauty projects throughout my life, pertaining to my hair, have led me to try different shampoos and ointments to help with my hair growth, but they never ever seemed to take on! And, believe me, Iโ€™ve tried the most popular products on the market, and nothing! In fact, most of the time, they aggravated the issue and made my scalp and my hair even more irritated and damaged. The thing with hair is that growth can be reversed and hair loss can be avoided. Youโ€™re never too late, and as a female in their early 30s, I can vouch for this!

regrow fine and thinning hair

My story with Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo is a heartwarming one, to say the least. One day, I decided I was going to find out what the difference between biotin and keratin is. These ingredients are always mentioned when it comes to hair growth, hair strengthening, and the like. I had heard them in all my biology classes, of course, and always correlated them to hair, and I knew that they were naturally made up in our bodies. I had made it a mission to learn more about these components, so I would not make the same mistake again on picking up the wrong product.

best hair growth beer shampoo

While trying to figure out how to incorporate both biotin and keratin in my daily routine, I discovered that beer has been used by some for hair growth and strengthening. This brought me to search for a beer shampoo and there it was! Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo on the first page as Amazonโ€™s choice! The price point of Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo is reasonable, which really surprised me because most anti-hair loss shampoos and products are exceptionally expensive. Most regular shampoos, however, on the market are comparable - from drugstore brands to salon quality. The price point helps because it is right in between those two prices. Again, hair growth shampoos and products are much higher than regular shampoos, and seeing the price of Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo really had me!

best hair growth shampoo texture & lather with best hair growth shampoo

After purchasing, I began to use it almost daily (once a day) to make some impact in my hair growth. I was quite impressed with the way my scalp felt and how it already made my hair, seemingly, fuller. It lathers as you expect with a pleasant fragrance. If you are expecting a beer scent, donโ€™t be surprised, but it doesnโ€™t have one! I continued using the Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo, as I loved everything about it thus far - the scent, the feeling it left my scalp and hair with, and the small baby hairs I had began to see! Since the Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo is made of plant surfactants, such as coconut, it gives the hair a gentle cleanse treating your scalp with the same respect. It wasnโ€™t until almost reaching the end of the bottle that I saw REAL (and exciting) changes. There were new patches of baby hair growth and my hair felt fuller and thicker than ever!

before and after hair growth story
before and after hair growth story

Letโ€™s talk about the ingredients, shall we? The main thing that stood out to me, of course, about Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo was just that! Containing Brewerโ€™s Dried Yeast extract or โ€œsaccharomycesโ€ strains that have been harvested from beer brewing, it is rich in biotin, selenium, and plant-based protein which promotes hair to be fuller and thicker. Not to mention, that it is chock full of vitamin B with approximately 45% protein. Another thing? No parabens and artificial additives. This is also FDA registered for anti-hair loss(hair growth), which makes me feel relieved and confident in the use of such a product.

empty bottles of hair growth beer shampoo

It has been 3 months since purchasing the first time, I have almost completed my 2nd bottle of Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo, and I would highly recommend this shampoo full of nutrients and beer yeast (of all things! Can you imagine!? Such exciting news for beer lovers everywhere!) to those with fine, thinning hair and those who experience hair loss. This shampoo will give your hairline and roots a new lease of life!

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I am definitely going to continue purchasing Crazy Skin Beer Shampoo to keep my hair looking fuller and thicker, and of course, to continue seeing the baby hair grow!