Clay Masks to the rescue!πŸ–€

Acne and oily skin types praise clay masks for sweeping away skin care woes.

A great clay mask is supposed to leave your skin feeling like you just had the most luxurious facial. With a plethora of clay masks in current rotation in the beauty market, which works best for your skin type and skin concerns? Let’s take a quick look and run down on some of the most popular and most reached for clay masks on the market. Did they make an impression on our Glowish influencers?

There are many types of clay masks; two of the most popular ones include bentonite clay and kaolin clay. Bentonite clay is a natural clay made from volcanic ash and has been used for centuries for many different remedies. Kaolin clay is a much gentler clay and is great for beauties with sensitive skin types.

What are the benefits of a facial clay mask? Clay masks are known as absorbents of the all bad stuff. It will absorb dirt, bacteria, oil and all the things on your face that you want purged. This is great for beauties with acne prone skin to help with oil control and acne control. The clay will absorb all the acne causing bacteria, clear out any dirty pores and help your blemishes heal. Because the clay is doing its job and removing the dirt and dead skin cells, you will also see an overall brighter and smoother looking complexion. Every beauty’s dream!Β 

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask meant to instantly minimize the look of pores and blackheads and it is best used for normal to oily skin types The product retails for $40 and is formulated with kaolin and bentonite clay used to help draw out impurities and toxins to reveal refined skin. Though Glowish influencer Kate was most concerned about her large pores, she was pleasantly surprised by the smooth texture of her skin after using the product for 14 days.

Also formulated with a mix of kaolin and bentonite clay, the Erno Laszlo Pore Cleanse Clay Mask is another detoxifying product that also helps hydrate and calm the skin. Retailing for $52, the mask helps visibly diminish the look of pores by removing any access dirt and oil that may be clogging it. Glowish influencer Michelle wasn’t convinced about the product at first but after giving it a second chance, she was blown away by the visible results of her shrinking pores!

This viral clay mask made from 100% natural calcium bentonite clay comes in a powder form and is recommended to be mixed with either water or apple cider vinegar for the best results. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay retails for about $15 and is one of the more affordable options for beauties on budget.For a deep cleanse, this clay can be used on your face, hair and body!

The Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask retails for $52 and is formulated with aloe vera, sulfur, kaolin and bentonite clay. who suffer from acne because it helps exfoliate the skin, absorbs impurities, and soothes irritation. This luxury priced mask seems to do it all!

Can a 10-minute clay mask really get you out of trouble? The Origins Out of Troubleβ„’ 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin retails for $28 and is formulated with bentonite clay. For oily and combination skin, this mask targets pesky acne breakouts and oily clogged up pores.

Glowish influencer Ally tried the Rosen Skincare Earth Mask, but wasn’t too impressed as it yielded little to no significant results or changes in her skin. The product retails for $18 and is mainly formulated with fuller’s earth clay, niacinamide and eucalyptus oil, which works to absorb dirt, provide anti-bacterial properties and reduce excess oil production.

For another budget friendly alternative, the Glam Up Calming Matcha Tea Tree Clay Mask retails for $15 and is formulated with four different types of clay including kaolin and bentonite clay. This mask is safe for sensitive skin types and works to purify the skin of dirt and oil while cleansing and moisturizing. Think of it as an entire skin care routine packaged into one product!

Are you now convinced that clay masks will absorb away your skin worries? Which one of these products are you interested in trying?