I Tried 3 Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoos - Do They Really Work?
   By. AdminGoSelly

Living with hair loss is difficult. I know, Iโ€™ve been there. It was a possibility that was a complete improbability for me for many years and I get it takes so much out of us. So I wanted to share my experience on dealing with hair loss, coming to a decision on using the product that fits perfectly with the list of criteria important to consider after many hair loss treating trials.

I have naturally thin and fine hair. It has always been my dream to have thick and voluminous hair feeling confident to go outside without having to style each time with my curling iron. Iโ€™ve tried so many different hair-loss-treatment shampoos, oils, and supplements but itโ€™s only been very recent that I found three products that were most effective.

Important to note, with shampoo, you're only treating the exteriorโ€”the scalp. The root cause of the hair loss happens under the hood, under the scalp. So if you want to deal with genetic hair loss, shampoos can not be the magic bullet. At the same time, hair loss is often associated with scalp health so ensuring a healthy scalp will only help and will not hurt!

Though I wouldnโ€™t say that I have tried every anti-hair loss shampoos out there in the market, the ones that I have decided to compare are Brand P, Brand N, and CRAZY SKINโ€™s Beers Shampoo. With such an option, I compared the experience, and performance.

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CRAZY SKINโ€™s Beers Shampoo, Purador, Nioxin


CRAZY SKINโ€™s Beers Shampoo, Purador, Nioxin

First of all, I liked how all three had mild herbal scents. When it comes to anti-thinning shampoos, one thing I consider important is that they donโ€™t smell like rubber or burned tires. Also, I avoid those with strong perfume scents because fragrance chemicals are one thing you need to watch out for.

I do not recommend using Brand N without a conditioner or hair oil since the hair feels raw and dry, and becomes frizzy as soon as I wash off all the foam. Also, I noticed that Brand P didnโ€™t lather as much as the other two. Compared to Brand N and Brand P, I would say that CRAZY SKINโ€™s Beers Shampoo was the winner of giving a nice overall experience when washing hair. It lathered easily while providing enough moisture to the hair. I didnโ€™t feel the need to use a conditioner after shampooing although I would have if I had damaged hair.


Beers Shampoo lathers well!

When it comes to anti-hair thinning and hair loss shampoos, again, they tend to focus on treating the exterior, which is the scalp. Because of this, what Iโ€™ve noticed is that most anti-hair loss and thinning shampoos miss out on the smoothness of the hair alongside the possibility of an allergic reaction for some. To test the three productsโ€™ overall performance, I examined the condition of my hair and scalp after usage.

[ CRAZY SKINโ€™s Beers Shampoo ]

My hair after using Beers Shampoo

Although it didnโ€™t really have the cooling effect, my scalp stayed fresh and clean until the next day without causing any sores and dryness. I also liked that my hair stayed scent-free after drying. But what I especially liked was that my hair felt very smooth and moisturized while maintaining scalp comfort. Even though I didnโ€™t use any additional hair oil or conditioner, I had no trouble brushing my hair.

[ Brand P ]

Right from the moment I got out of the shower, my hair had this brittle, rough feeling, with no smoothness. After about 7-8 hours, it had developed several scalp issues including sores and dry scalp. So I looked at the ingredients and noticed that they had 2 disodium lauryl sulfates, so they were not SLS free. From that point on, I immediately stopped using the product worried that it might cause any allergic reaction afterward and moved on to the next one.

[ Brand N ]

Again, the first thing that Iโ€™ve noticed was that my hair got easily entangled with straw rough feeling. To be honest, my hair felt even drier than the Brand Pโ€™s product. However, I did like the mild citrusy scent on my hair and the scalp feeling cleaned after usage. Overall, I liked that my scalp remained refreshed until the next day. However, I had a hard time combing my hair while it got more and more brittle as time passed.



Crazyskin beer shampoo