Mask Sheet hacks you didn't know
   By. GoSelly Admin

Cleanse Away

Masking is always a fabulous little treat for our skin.
But before we slap on an essence pack full of goodness why should we thoroughly cleanse?

Open the poores

Our skin needs to be able breathe and be make up free before fully absorbing mask sheets.

Steamed Up

For those of us who have oily to combination skin, by using a steam towel to open the pores or after a shower your face will be β€˜Steamed’ up and ready for it’s next step! After all, you want a blank canvas that will flood and drink up that skin boosting essence.

A Cool Drink for Skin

Drinking a cool drink from a fridge feels great on a hot day. Similarly, popping a couple of mask sheets in the fridge for a hot day can do wonders for our skin.


A nifty little idea, it not only cools and calms skin on a hot day, but by doing so, it depuffs and soothes overheated, irritated, angry acne prone skin..

Dehydrated and Dry?

Like the Sahara desert we all have that extra dry skin day, and on days like these, even after masking, we feel we aren’t doing enough. For an extra boost of hydration and moisture, place a clear wrap over the face, this helps warm the upper layer of the skin allowing pores to absorb the essence more effectively. After a few minutes discard the wrap and spray some mist and pat over face.

Layer it Up

Layering can also be a great way for skin to absorb serums and heavier oils. For a greater hydrating masking sesh, while masking, drop a few extra drops of essential oil or serum on drier patches of your face and pat lightly over the mask. Or if your not an essential oils or heavy serum person, you can forgo this and swatch a light layer of sleeping pack and mixing in some vitamin powder after masking for that extra little moisture lift while your beauty sleeping away.

Power Pressure Points

Life can bring a lot of pressures at times. Massaging your pressure points while masking can be fun though. So make it your own Korean home spa getaway. By lightly pressing pressure points such as, temples or the middle of your two brows can refresh and be a little pick me up while masking.

Pick Your Own Mask Hack

So which one is the best hack of them all? All these hacks aside.Everyone’s skin is different so we all should be weary of applying every hack routine out there. In general masking 2-3 times a week can be a friend over masking every single hack suggestion. So Pick Your Own Mask as appropriate for your skin and Happy Mask Away!