Stop! Did you check what pad youโ€™re using?
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Period pads for sensitive skin

Thereโ€™s that one patch of skin on your body that doesnโ€™t get all the attention it really needs, and it is quite possibly the most sensitive of all: the vaginal area. In fact, choosing products for this area is most likely to be a trivial matter in your life. While we take all our time and effort to select the right products for our faces, it probably doesnโ€™t even take up to three minutes to choose our sanitary pads. I mean, what could possibly be the big deal about something used for just a few days a month?

Period pads for sensitive skin

Your vaginal area requires the extra attention and hereโ€™s why:

On average, women use more than 15,000 pads during her lifetime. That being said, there is a strong need for these products to be closely selected. When it comes to dealing with periods, pads are our common go-to; however, it is unfortunate but true that they can cause more problems than they can solve. Many sanitary pads in the market contain fragrances and chemicals that not only are harsh on your skin, but also have the potential to build up in our organs. Hereโ€™s the thing, vagina canals are surely much more sensitive and thinner than the skin on our face, but more importantly, they are also up to ten times more absorbent.

Itchiness during your period is only a start. The following are other potential symptoms for which your pads may be to blame:

  • Redness and swelling
  • Discomfort when peeing
  • Vaginal discharge similar to cottage cheese

What is the best way out?
Derma Sanitary Pads!

Period pads for sensitive skin

In case youโ€™re now terrified about the reliability of sanitary pads, you can rest easy. The good news is, healthier products have been developed. Hear me out: Kleannara has introduced their innovative, exclusive DERMA SANITARY PADS! Surely, many natural, eco-friendly products are available in the market, but Kleannara went even further to address the issues caused by sanitary pads. With the integration of derma-friendly technology, these products are perfect for those with sensitive skinโ€ฆ nevermind, EVERYONE! So, what is this exclusive โ€œderma-friendlyโ€ technology? Letโ€™s take a look at how these pads work to protect our most delicate area:

Period pads for sensitive skin
  1. Designed with an embossing layer/ that minimizes skin contact and rubbing
  2. Passed the stringent Dermatestยฎ and was rated โ€œEXCELLENTโ€
  3. SAP free and completely transparent with ingredients.
  4. Absolutely no hazardous chemicals, synthetic fragrances added!

Sensitive, reactive skin is not limited to just our faces. For those who have experienced rashes, itchiness, or inflammation from pads, reconsider which product you want to use. Beyond the typical properties of a pad, such as absorption and leakage prevention, focus on protecting your most sensitive area with Kleannaraโ€™s Derma Sanitary Pad. Donโ€™t forget, sanitary pads are just as important as face masks.

Period pads for sensitive skin