Superfood smoothies for your Skin!πŸ₯€

Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser is among the many food-forward products to shake up skin care.

Superfoods in your green juice is all the rage for health and wellness fanatics. But have you tried the latest trend of superfoods in your skincare? In the latest skincare craze, the beauty community has discovered that food can not only nourish your body from the inside, but from the outside as well! Yes, if you were the one at home making those homemade papaya, honey, avocado and banana face masks, you may have been on to something. Speaking of this trend for β€œclean beauty”, naturally, some of the cleanest ingredients you can find are in fruits and vegetables. There is a parallel between beauty and nutrition and these edible products can provide just as much healing and nourishment to the body if they are absorbed from the outside, through our skin.

A few of the latest popular brands incorporating superfoods into their products include Youth To the People with their Superfood Cleanser and moisturizer, Glow Recipe and their plethora of fruit-forward skin goodies, and even Glam Up’s facial sheet masks containing star ingredients such as green tea, pomegranate and avocado. It all sounds delicious! But do these edible ingredients live up to the hype to give us the radiant and glowing skin of our dreams? Glowish influencer Debbie gives us an honest 14-day review on the Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser.

The Superfood Cleanser retails for $36 and contains 8 fl.oz. It is formulated with kale, spinach and green tea – the trifecta of superfood antioxidants! Made with 100% vegan ingredients and superfood extracts, the simple formula claims to remove makeup, clean out pores and balance out the pH in your skin without drying or stripping out its natural moisture barrier. It’s a green juice for your face.

Debbie has dry skin and is looking for a cleanser that won’t leave her skin feeling striped and dry after using it. Right off the bat, one of the first things she notices is the smell, claiming β€œit smells healthy.” Unfortunately, as she continues to use the product, she doesn’t get used to the smell and finds it very unpleasant. At the end of her two-week trial, Debbie concluded that the cleanser just didn’t do much for her skin and for the price point of $36, she was expecting more. She does note if someone was looking specifically for a β€œclean” cleanser with simple ingredients, this product does the job just fine. However, she finds there are alternative affordable cleansers on the market that perform just as well or better than the Superfood Cleanser.

β€œI think this cleanser is good. I don’t think it’s worth the price. I think you can find a lot of other cleansers …  that do the same thing … but if you’re into clean products and you want superfoods, then give this one a go. I don’t have anything bad to say about it”

- Debbie

While the Superfood Cleanser didn’t seem to impress our Glowish influencer much, let's take a look at some other food-facing brands that have taken over the skincare market.

Glow Recipe, a Korean- American skincare brand with fruit-based ingredients, made their debut with the iconic Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. This overnight mask is formulated with an amino acid rich watermelon extract meant to hydrate, fight signs of aging and transform your skin while you sleep. It’s practically doing all the work for you. Since the popularity of the sleeping mask, the brand has amassed a cult following with other juicy products such as the Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream, the Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum and the Strawberry Smooth BHA+AHA Salicylic Serum.

Glam Up is aΒ  K-Beauty brand with a line of skin loving sheet masks that are cruelty free and made with natural ingredients. There are 12 recipes to target all your skin concerns. For acne prone skin, there is a refreshing green tea and rejuvenating tea tree sheet mask. For anti-aging concerns, there is a nourishing acai berry and firming pomegranate mask. The brand also has food-forward clay masks if you really want that luxury spa experience at home. The skin care flavors are endless!

Is this superfood skincare smoothie trend here to stay?