Completely portable and painless with easily accessible spa-grade results.

Optic Window Lens Technology amplifies LED lights to target breakouts and treat skin.


The Blue Light Mode emits a wavelength of up to 415nm, penetrating 0.5mm deep into the skin, while the Intensive Care Mode has red LED lights with 650 to 850nm wavelengths to reduce hyperpigmentation.


Red LED ligthts with targeted Optic Window Lens emits wavelengths of 625~850nm while radiating heat of up to 104° to reach 8-10mm deep into the dermis.


Powerful infrared beams stimulate skin cells, amplifying the absorption of vital nutrients for tissue repair to plump and regenerate, reducing signs of aging. Equipped with dual modes to target areas of concern.

Spa & Stone

Pamper yourself with this multi-functioning beauty essential for all your skincare cleansing needs and turn your daily skincare routine into a spa day.

Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasonic Waves actively clear pores and impurities reduces unexpected breakouts. Boosted microcirculation helps relax, soothe and boost absorption of active skincare ingredients for healthier skin

Deep Cleansing

Double duty silicone brush removes dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin’s surface. Pulsations temporarily dilate pores for deeper, thorough cleanse, while microcirculation delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, leaves you with more refreshed & radiant skin

Heat Therapy

Inspired by hot stone massages, Cellect Stone attachment reaches up to 122°F, the perfect tempearture to soothe and massage dull, tired skin. The Sleek hygienic stone stimulates blood flow with microcurrents visibly improves skin elasticity and relieve tension points


The silicone brush helps reach deeply into the pores to clear and cleanse at 3 different speeds. Comes equipped with enclosed charging port and is fully water-resistant for use in shower.

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