Moody Moody

During fall and winter, our skin can get moody, really really moody, like breakouts, flaky moody. Also, after all the summer tanning (burnt skin) during summer, our skin will need some tender loving care.

Exfoliating once or twice a week can help our face, back elbows and knees become more smoother, more radiant and brighter, and overtime can help reduce the appearance of large poses and dark spots.

So with all the exfoliators out in the market which one is best?

Especially for those of us on a tight budget?

Essential oils are skin boosters as it truly brings the spa experience conveniently to your home. Peppermint sugar scrubs are perfect to use when you have sore, tired muscles. Also relieving and dry patchy skin, With its soothing aroma, Peppermint mixed with sugar will leave your skin soft and silky.
The hardest thing about this scrub is trying not to eat it!
The Chocolate body scrub is perfect when you feel like an indulging bath sesh or in need of some tender loving care for your skin. Use liberally on elbows, knees and legs and see your skin glow. Once again, store any leftovers in a airtight container.
Lemon naturally helps brighten skin and when used over time can even help fade blemishes. The sugar helps in exfoliating your skin while the coconut oil moisturizes so your skin not only feels great but also won’t be stripped of its natural oils. Scrub lightly over face and body for the glow up and store any remaining scrub in a mason jar or airtight container for future use.
A natural antioxidant, ground coffee is quite granular and when mixed with some raw sugar and coconut oil, becomes the most scrumptious skin scrub. By lightly exfoliating over face and elbows you can rid flaky dead skin. Apply often as you like for softer supple skin and place any remaining scrub in a airtight container.
Do you remember your first Snow Cone?
Ingredients good enough to eat, the Snow cone sugar scrub is a luscious dessert for skin and is a perfect pick me up for all seasons! Use once a week in the shower over legs and feet for smoother skin. Over time this scrub can improve skin texture hurray!
Plus you might crave some snow cone ice cream after this scrub session yummo!