When did we start to wrap gifts?
Did you know gift wrapping started way back in ancient China? At the time wrapped gifts were given by the Chinese court to various officials. There have been many innovations since the good ol paper wrap and straw!

And that’s a WRAP!
During the season of giving, gifts can come in all different shapes and sizes and depending on whether its a heavy, light,soft, cheap or expensive gift we all like to wrap these gifts for our loved ones.
To make this easier for you we have categorized below, fast and easy ways to perfectly wrap your gifts! So get your tape and scissors out and get ready to WRAP like a pro!

  1. Stanley Knife
  2. String & Round Container
  3. Pen, Sticky Tape & Ruler
  4. Wrapping Paper & Name tag
  1. Place container on flat on the wrapping paper
  2. Mark the place where the lid ends and cut it to help it fold to shape
  3. Wrap and tape the container firmly and place string over the cut vertical lines
  4. Firmly tie gift with the name tag.
  1. Ribbon & Sticky Tape
  2. Wrapping paper
  3. Sizzors
  4. Compass & Flower bracelet
  1. Cut wrapping paper into squares, then horizontally fold it to the center and mark it with a pencil.
  2. Cut 6 circular shape bigger than the square and place and stick square in shape and stick on
  3. Trim accordingly and stick each circular shape together
  4. Place your soft gift inside
  5. Connect flower bracelet to the gift box.
  1. Ruler
  2. Stanley Knife
  3. Box
  4. Sticky Tape and Wrapping Paper
  1. Wrap with wrapping paper, tape firmly on each edge.
  2. Cut 2cm wide 30cm strips of wrapping paper (cut 5 strips)
  3. Fold the strip in half to the middle and then tape each side of the strip creating a ribbon shape (make 2 of these)
  4. Create a circular round shape for one of the strips.
  5. Place the first strip over the box and layer with the 2 folded strips and then place the round shape strip to finish!