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Nov 30, 2022 / By. Crystal Nguonly
Acne can seem like a never-ending battle. One day you have happy clear skin and then the next thing you know, your pores are clogged, you’re stressed and then those little red bumps start making their grand entrance. Uninvited as always. You then spend the next few weeks slathering your face with any and all products you have that are “known to fight acne”. And sometimes in the process, you end up irritating it even more! Then when you finally have it all under control and you’ve kicked out the zits and pimples welcoming your happy clear skin, it starts all over again. We just can’t catch a break!

Of course, there are all kinds of acne; hormonal acne, stress acne, cystic acne, and acne caused by irritation or an allergic reaction. Sometimes prescription strength products are needed to treat these skin conditions. But if you’re dealing with plain old oily skin, clogged pores, blackhead or whitehead types of acne, the range of products in the over-the-counter market place can be a bit overwhelming. There is one ingredient that you may remember from those awkward teen acne years: Salicylic Acid! It has been a skin care staple in acne fighting products for years and it continues to be a superstar ingredient when it comes to treating acne prone skin types. O

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