Vanav – Cover & Clean Fit (make-up)


Dear skin, here is a good news that you can from cleanse to do make-up with only 1 device.
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  • 1 device for 2 ways: Make up application or as a deep cleansing solution
  • Easy to change 2 different brush: Make up brush / Cleansing Brush
  • Non abrasive with 3 interchangeable levels
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Appropriate detailed and fine make up coverage with deep and neat pore cleansing
  • Apply make-up products over face with the brush
  • Press the power/vibration mode to operate
  • 3 Different vibration modes can be selected depending on your product formula
  • Perfect for make-up coverage
  • Don’t forget to cleanse your brush and completely dry before storing
  • Weight: 158g / 15 oz
  • Size: W: 48, L: 53, H: 133 (mm)
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Vanav – Cover & Clean Fit (make-up)


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