Beers Hair Pack (200ml x 2 EA)

Led by Beer Yeast, this Hairpack has natural ingredients that deeply nourishes from the inner, promotes new hair growth and prevents further hair loss.


🍺 BIOTIN for HAIR LOSS : Crazy Skin Beers Hairpack not only adds proprietary anti hair loss complexes clinically with 100,000PPM Beer Yeast which is the richest source of BIOTIN that indicated to stimulate deep hair growth, prevent breakage and hair loss.

natural ingredients: protein, keratin, argan oil, collagen, selenium, beta carotene, seaweed extract, wheat extract, camellia leaf extract, allantoin, and camellia oil.


Experience the real results of Crazy Skin Beers Hairpack. It significantly reduces hair fall while improves hair volume and nourishes from inside within 4 weeks.


Beer for Hair!

The Effect of Beer Yeast for hair improvement

The Study of beer yeast began in the 1970s in Germany, noting that German beer factory workers had rich and smooth hair.

What is a Brewer's Dried Yeast Extract?

'Saccharomyces' strains isolated from beer brewing are rich in biotin, selenium, and plant-based protein which promotes hair to be fuller and thicker.

  • Rich in Vitamin B with approximately 45% protein.


Check Point !

  • Patented Ingredients

    Amino acid complex to establish and stabilize protein structure for hair growth

  • pH 5.5

    The pH level of 5.5 to protect the scalp and hair

  • Natural-Derived Component

    Ingredients for improving hair strength: Seaweed extract, wheat extract, camellia leaf extract, argan oil, and collagen

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