Super Derma Sanitary Pads (12 Count)

AIR EMBO PAD - DEAR SKIN's one and only air embo pad minimizes the surfaces that touch the skin, allowing the skin to breathe and provide extra softness and comfort.

COMFORT, FRESH, ABSORBING LEAK GUARD - The leak blocker absorbs the secretion right away, maintaining freshness and comfortable all day long.

SOFT ROUND SEALING- The top and bottom parts have soft finishing touches, minimizing skin irritation and to protect against leak allows comfortable movement.

SUPER ABSORBENT - Thoughtfully-designed Leak Locker top core and Leak Blocker side panels prevent overflowing to help you feel fresh and secure all day and night long.


29cm (11.4in.) Super SIZE(14counts) for normal to heavy flow. Double Guard Zone protects against leaks through double guards so you can worry less.


DERMA TEST RATED “EXCELLENT” - Completed performing the dermatological test through Germany's Dermatest to ensure our products are free of irritation and allergic reactions tested and safe and suitable for all women, skin types.

Rated excelled by Dermatest in 2020.


Air Embo pads combine super absorbent layers and breathable materials to enhance the safety and functionality of our pads.

  • Ultra absorbent: Our ultra absorbent pad prevents overflowing and leaks without leaving a trace on its surface.
  • Maximum Breathability: Air-permeable pad sustains freshness day and night with outstanding airflow.


Dear Skin's Air Embo pads allows air to flow, providing more pleasant usage and allowing the skin to breathe.