Cell Factory Calmingcell Soothing Ampoule

Made with highly concentrated Edelweiss Stem Cell mainly to revitalize skin and bring you beautiful healthier skin condition for a long time. Edelweiss stem cell is known for its strong hydrating ability. It delivers intensive moisture deep into your skin and drenches dehydrated skin cell.


GD-11 Cell Factory Beamcell Glow Ampoule contains rich peptide from the stem cell.
The nano size of peptide, 1/1700 of pore size, which can penetrate into deep layer of skin and help to lock the ingredients.
Powerful nutrients are combined with natural herbal extracts to focus on repair & strengthening care.

How to Use

1. Open the lid and insert the applicator
2. Flip it vertically and pull the piston until the right amount comes out
3. After applying, insert the empty applicator back and store upright