Cell Factory Hydracell Aqua Ampoule

Made with highly concentrated Edelweiss Stem Cell mainly to revitalize skin and bring you beautiful healthier skin condition for a long time. Edelweiss stem cell is known for its strong hydrating ability. It delivers intensive moisture deep into your skin and drenches dehydrated skin cell.


GD-11 Cell Factory Beamcell Glow Ampoule contains rich peptide from the stem cell.
The nano size of peptide, 1/1700 of pore size, which can penetrate into deep layer of skin and help to lock the ingredients.
Combined with 7 different short & long chains of hyaluronic acid molecules to deliver long-lasting hydration & moisture deep into the skin.

How to Use

1. Open the lid and insert the applicator
2. Flip it vertically and pull the piston until the right amount comes out
3. After applying, insert the empty applicator back and store upright


Concentrated Hydrating complex & moisturize at every level of skin

Skin hydration level

Intensive hydrating complex

Hydration complex concentrate & moisturize at every level of skin

[Acitve ingredients]

A concentrated high-performing nano-size nutrients to penetrate better & deeper.

[89 collagen-boosting peptides]

89 peptides stimulate the collagen-boosting process and repair damaged skin cells.

[Intensive hydration]

Concentrated Hydrating complex for every layer of skin.

  • Nano-size ingredients
  • Repair damaged skin cells
  • Skin hydration from the lower skin layers


Cell Factory's expertise

    • From our lab to your home care
    • High-tech skincare developed by us

  • Intense of active ingredients
  • Nourishing complex with technology

Target your spot. Plump up wrinkle.

Exclusive from the lab

Sealed with pure power

  • Stem cell extracts are freeze-dried (Freeze-dried stem cell extracts)
  • Ensured you’re getting the freshest and most effective product possible


  • Based on your skin needs, extract more with the syringe applicator.
  • Labeled marks on the syringe indicate you how much to apply.
  • LIGHT mark for a quick moisture boost, NORMAL mark for daily use, INTENSE mark for an extra saturation.
  • Insert back the applicator and store it upright. It prevents from contamination and keeps active ingredients hygienic and fresh.
  • Mix with other skincare products for a quick hydration boost.