Vita Hemp Cell Energy Ampoule Serum
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Size: 35ml/1.8oz

Skin Type: All

Key Ingredients

💊Hyaluronic acids,
Vitamin complex: Blends of skin-friendly ingredients and rich antioxidants, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Vitamin E, Vitamin C & A (hemp seed oil) , Niacinamide,
Botanical plant extracts, Stem

✔Multi-vitamin complex for skin resilience:
strengthen the skin barrier to stimulate the healing process and protect the skin from aging.
✔To instantly soothe, replenish and revive the skin
✔The syringe applicator allows for precise and controlled application directly to skin
✔Eco friendly packaging with cruelty-free and vegan

How to Use

1)Open white plastic seal and insert applicator into '+' shaped rubber top.
Do not take off the metal part of the lid.
2)Turn vial right-side-up and fill syringe with desired amount.
3)Apply and gently pat into skin.
4)Insert applicator back into vial and store upright to keep fresh and hygienic.

✔Multi-purpose serum pairs well with all beauty regimes, from head to toe.
✔Add to any step of your hair care routine.
✔Combine with a face moisturizer or cream.
✔Add to facial mist for a rejuvenating skin cocktail.
✔Use as or with a body oil to boost hydration.




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