Vita Hemp Cell Energy Ampoule Serum
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Size: 35ml/1.8oz

Skin Type: All

Key Ingredients

πŸ’ŠHyaluronic acids,
Vitamin complex: Blends of skin-friendly ingredients and rich antioxidants, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Vitamin E, Vitamin C & A (hemp seed oil) , Niacinamide,
Botanical plant extracts, Stem

βœ”Multi-vitamin complex for skin resilience:
strengthen the skin barrier to stimulate the healing process and protect the skin from aging.
βœ”To instantly soothe, replenish and revive the skin
βœ”The syringe applicator allows for precise and controlled application directly to skin
βœ”Eco friendly packaging with cruelty-free and vegan

How to Use

1)Open white plastic seal and insert applicator into '+' shaped rubber top.
Do not take off the metal part of the lid.
2)Turn vial right-side-up and fill syringe with desired amount.
3)Apply and gently pat into skin.
4)Insert applicator back into vial and store upright to keep fresh and hygienic.

βœ”Multi-purpose serum pairs well with all beauty regimes, from head to toe.
βœ”Add to any step of your hair care routine.
βœ”Combine with a face moisturizer or cream.
βœ”Add to facial mist for a rejuvenating skin cocktail.
βœ”Use as or with a body oil to boost hydration.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works very well!

I bought two and they work really well and very easy to use! And you don't have to worry about using a dropper and squeezing so much. I love how they have the small syringe so you know how much you put in!

Love Your Skin
Love Serums

I was concerned that the bottle just expired

Dorcas S Christian
Works Great

I usually buy this product from Amazon but they were out so I did an internet search and found them here I have been using this product for over 6 months and it works great my skin is clearer and brighter and I don’t have any breakouts it’s just like putting water on your face and letting your skin soak it up