Honey & Macadamia Conditioner (BLACKBERRY BAY)

Sulfate Free conditioner : Natural 4,000 ppm of honey & macadamia keep strands hydrated and sealed in the cuticle with moisture.
Deep conditioning to inner core of your hair to leave beautifully soft, shiny results.
Boost moisture level and silky smoothness over time.


Intensely nourishing by using hydrolzyed proteins to restore and repair damage and powerful nutrients from blend of 35 different botanical extracts.
No harsh chemicals used in the product such as parabens, Benzophenone and sulfates.
Ultra-gentle formula for everyday use on all hair types.


We love shampoos in a variety of fresh scents. Diverse signature fragrances available crafted by professional perfumers. BLACKBERRY BAY for a sparks of fresh and vibrant scent blended with blackberry.