Honey & Macadamia Shampoo and Conditioner Set (WHITE MUSK)

KOREAN No.1 Sulfate free SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER Set with Argan Oil to moisturizing, nourishing damaged hair!

Ultra-Gentle touch for Chemically treated and Damaged hair : pH-Balanced formula with Protein, Pantenol to repair & rejuvenate & moisturize hair. Safe to use for every hair type. Suitable even for the most sensitive scalp & hair for healthy beautiful result back.


No More Harmful Chemicals : Sulfate free, Parabens free, Mineral Oils-free, Phthalates-free, Colorants-free for shiny healthy hair. Safe, hypoallergenic formula for your scalp health.

More than Argan Oil : NATURAL ingredients for making Silky Smooth Hair. Our shampoo is well-known as 97% Natural Derived Formula, includes Argan Oil and 45 more natural extracts to deliver essential nourishment. Our conditioner deeply nourishes dry damaged hair which chemically treated with hydrolyzed protein & collagen featuring 35 natural extracts with 6 natural oils.


We love shampoos in a variety of fresh scents. Diverse signature fragrances available crafted by professional perfumers. WHITE MUSK for a love-struck pairing of sensual musk & delicate floral scent.





Sulfate Free Shampoo for the Best Results

Sulfates can strip your hair of essential natural oils. We skipped harsh surfactants such as SLS or SLES and replaced these with 46 natural extracts and 5 nourishing oils. One of the benefits of using a sulfate-free shampoo is that your strands won’t lose their natural, healthy shine. Experience gentle cleansing and conditioning with clean lather from Coconut Oil.

  • Preserves essential natural hair oils
  • Reduces irritation & inflammation
  • Protects your color
  • Leaves hair soft and hydrated




  • Premium Ingredients from Nature

    Free of worrying ingredients according to the criteria of the Environment Working Group (EWG). A potent blend of 46 Natural extracts and 5 nourishing oils including Argan oil and coconut oil helps to strengthen and hydrate your hair. Discover restored strength, shine, softness and seductive silky perfection.

  • pH 5.5 Protection

    To have strong, healthy hair you must keep your scalp’s pH at 5.5, and that's what our shampoo and conditioner does. Perfect pH(5.5) protects oily hair and is ideal for dry, sensitive scalps that are prone to issues.

  • 24hours Long-Lasting Scent

    Kundal's curated range of 9 signature fragrances are crafted by professional perfumers. Wear the most romantic and sensual & delicate scent that last 24h all day long!

  • Korea No.1 Brand in Hair Care

    *#1 Brand in Natural Shampoo and Conditioner in South Korea