Pimple Patch (3 Pack)

Innovative trouble care science

Dissolving Micro-needles made of Sodium Hyaluronate target your Acne & Pimples and deliver active ingredients directly and quickly

How to use

Perfect double care

Clarify all trouble spots with this 2 STEP Pimple Patch Solution

STEP 1. Micro needle patch - Before the pimple becomes irritated
STEP 2. Hydrocolloid patch - Calms & block pimple discoloration

Size option

Microneedle patch - 12mm x 18ea
Hydrocolloid patch - 12mm x 18ea & 7mm x 18ea

Total - 54 Patch

How 2-step works?

STEP 1. MICRONEEDLE PATCH : Specially designed microneedles deliver active ingredients directly into the core of the pimple as it dissolves. It allows to penetrate and recover rapidly from inside.

STEP 2. HYDROCOLLOID : A high-grade hydrocolloid patch absorbs the pus & oil while protecting the irritated area. It reduces redness and speeds up healing without leaving scars or dark spots.



How to Use