Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)
Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)
Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)
Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)
Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)
Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)

Glam up - Pimple Patch by Glam up (18 Patches)

Glam Up
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Brand: Glam Up


  • PERFECT DOUBLE CARE : Clarify all trouble spots with this 2 STEP Pimple Patch Solution
  • STEP 1. MICRONEEDLE PATCH : Before the pimple becomes irritated
  • INNOVATIVE TROUBLE CARE SCIENCE : Dissolving Micro-needles made of Sodium Hyaluronate target your Acne & Pimples and deliver active ingredients directly and quickly
  • STEP 2. HYDROCOLLOID : Calms & block pimple discoloration
  • PERFECT FIT SIZE OPTIONS : Microneedle patch 12mm x 6ea / Hydrocolloid 12mm x 6ea & 7mm x 6ea

Details:Features of 1 STEP PATCH (Micro-needle Patch)
✔ Microneedle Patch Diameter : 12mm
✔ Microneedle Depth : 0.23~4mm
✔ Key Ingredient : Sodium Hyaluronate, CICA, Salicylic Acid, Camellia Flower Extract

Features of 2 STEP PATCH (Hydrocolloid)
✔ Hydrocolloid Diameter : 12mm x 6ea + 7mm x 6ea
✔ Key Ingredient : Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Calendula Oil

⭐ Effects of KEY INGREDIENTS ⭐

✔ Niacinamide : Lightening pigmentation spots
✔ Salicylic Acid : Fights the appearance of blemishes
✔ CICA : Anti Acne Agent
✔ Camellia Flower : Skin soothing
✔ TeaTree Oil : Calms Acne
✔ Calendula Oil : Calms Damaged Skin

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.3 x 0.3 inches

Don't Just COVER, RECOVER from the Inside

Have you ever struggled with trouble spots such as cystic acne or whiteheads that appear out of nowhere?
Struggle no more. No matter what trouble spot you are facing don't just COVER the trouble, CURE and CLEAR the spot from its CORE.


Why Glam Up Pimple Patch ?

  • 1. Quality

    Industry Patented Microneedles EFFECTIVELY & PAINLESSLY penetrate skin with ingredient extracts ; rapidly calming trouble spots.

  • 2. Key Ingredient

    Made with ingredients that help trouble spots- CICA , Salicylic Acid, Camellia Flower Oligopeptide, tea tree oil, calendula oil extracts

  • 3. Double, Trouble Care!

    Two patch types included, (Microneedle & Hydrocolloid) to perfectly manage trouble area & to rejuvenate skin

  • 4. Perfect Fit Size

    2 Size Options Included (12mm & 7mm) to cover hard to reach areas.

Ability to Effectively Deliver Ingredients Deep into Skin

CICA and Salicylic Acid is well known for its trouble curing properties.

BUT, no matter how effective an ingredient may be, ingredients do not fully absorb into skin due to buildup on the skin's barrier.

To effectively transfer ingredients deep into skin, we have created the Microneedle patch solution. This microneedle trouble care solution, allows ingredients to absorb rapidly and deliver fast into skin.

Before & After


Beauty Tips for Acne Care

  • 1. Cleanse First

    Before application, make sure you cleanse thoroughly, removing all makeup buildup and impurities!

  • 2. Night Care

    Before snoozing, patch onto trouble area

  • 3. Day Care

    Perfectly cover, and Rejuvenate skin on the go!

  • 4. Take it Everywhere

    Handy Carry Package - For any acne emergencies take it everywhere with you.