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JUN 09, 2023 / By. Crystal Nguonly

Acne. The rite of passage for teens and even some adults. Dreaded by all generations. On the bright side, people have been dealing with acne for centuries and since then, the beauty industry has created some great products to help us treat this skin condition. A brand that has been a staple for so many teens and recommended by so many dermatologists for its simple, yet effective formulas: CeraVe! And specifically for our acne woes, CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser!

Now at the recommendation of Gen Z’s favorite skin care influencer, content creator and skin care advocator, Hyram Yarbro, this product went viral on TikToK. It flew off all the drug store shelves and was sold out for months! This guy really knows how to start a movement! The biggest factors in the appeal of this product were its affordable price point, its simple ingredient list and its effectiveness to create real results on real skin. Well that certainly checks off all the boxes on my list for a great skin care product.

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What does the SA Cleanser work?

The Renewing SA Cleanser is a gentle exfoliating cleanser formulated with acne fighting salicylic acid to help smooth skin by removing dirt, oil and other acne causing bacteria. It clears up the pores leaving you with a smooth skin barrier. It is also formulated with skin soothing ceramides and hyaluronic acid to balance out the hard working acids creating a perfect harmony of skin exfoliation and skin hydration. This product comes in multiple sizes ranging from $15 - $18. This fragrance free and noncomedogenic formula is powerful without stripping and drying out the skin and is recommended for all skin types. You could even use this as a body wash to help treat annoying bacne or just for a nice exfoliation for smoother skin. A little goes a long way. Take a pump of the product, massage onto damp skin in circular motions and rinse off to feel clearer and smoother skin.

A Reliable Cleanser

Though not the most appealing and eye-catching packaging, especially for a brand that has been targeting the teen and tween generation for ages, it still rates as one of the most sought after and effective acne treatments for the younger generation as well as beauties on a budget. It’s no wonder dermatologists and skin experts have been recommending this brand and this product for years. When your skin is on the fritz or maybe you’ve gone a little skin care happy and tried out too many new products or ingredients at once and you’ve had a massive break out. Going back to basics with this cleanser will help revive and reset your skin barrier.

I know I will definitely be picking up this cleanser on my next trip to the drug store!

β€œCerave is a brand created with and recommended by dermatologists. The premise behind it is affordable products with ingredients that actually work and have a strong evidence base. It’s a shining example of what a skincare brand should look like in 2022: low cost but high value that strips skincare right down to the ingredients that you actually need.”

-Dr. Fabusiwa

SA Cleanser (8oz)

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