By. GoSelly Admin

The use of Vaseline has been known for many years from, healing burns and wounds to sealing dry skin with moisture. Vaseline is also gold when it comes to managing eczema and scrapes.
Vaseline is also known as a non-comedogenic ingredient, this means that it won’t clog pores, irritate your skin or cause any acne or blemishes. Hurray!

Versatile and affordable with so many benefits we have created a few easy to follow DIY Vaseline Gift ideas for the coming holiday season.

How to Make Your Own DIY Vaseline Gifts

Choose the color you want as a lip tint (scanning through your eye shadow pile). From pink hues to brilliant fuchsia’s pick the color you want as your tint. Combine ingredients together and melt with a dryer. Once fully melted. Place in a small container and use whenever necessary.

Combine ingredients together and melt with a dryer. Once fully melted, stir and set in a container. Lip scrubs are perfect for chapped dry flakey lips. Lightly scrubbing over lips and moving in circular motions clears and clarifies, dead skin cells off our lips.

We all have our favourite pressed powder but during colder seasons it can make our skin dry and (even) crusty. To make better use of our favourite powders you can combine it with vaseline. By mixing both ingredients together and melting with a dryer. Once fully melted, place in an airtight container and use as a quick moisturizing concealer for dry patches on our face! Boom! Your skin will thank you!