Holiday Series #4. Long Lasting Party Makeup
   By. GoSelly Admin

With hydrating red lipsticks, because of its moist texture, it’s hard to smile properly as the lipstick can stain your teeth. At times like these all you need is a loose powder and big brush. After applying the lipstick, apply lightly the loose powder with the brush. Then apply the lipstick one more time. By doing so your lipstick will last double the time and so will your confidence!

Kendall truly has the perfect eyelashes! But as they say the longer the lashes, the better right? The best tip for longer eyelashes is the 'Cocktail Mascara' - this is a mascara that emphasizes both volume and length. For really important events when you want extra long lashes,with your fingers lightly sprinkle some baby powder over your eye lashes and finish off with your mascara. You will see a dramatic difference (like you got extensions).

There is nothing more dumber than putting on a dark shade powder for contouring. This is because when contouring,darker shade powders looks 100% unnatural. The main method I use for contouring is by applying a foundation that is around 2.5 times darker than your natural skin tone. By applying the darker foundation between the forehead, hairline and below the apples of your cheek, while also dabbing some on the jawline, I then naturally blend with a foundation that matches my natural skin tone color with a beauty blender sponge.