Glam Up Calming Booster Tea Tree Serum REVIEW
   By. AdminGoSelly
14 day acne soothing and skin hydrating results

To call tea tree the β€œIt” ingredient of the skincare world would not be an understatement. Scientifically proven that tea tree demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used as a botanical medicine for centuries. So today, I will present to you a product that worked magically on my sensitive, acne-prone skin: Glam Up’s Calming Booster Tea Tree Serum.This serum not only contains tea tree extracts to efficiently reduce acne and redness, but also works in synergy with high CICA concentration to maintain skin moisture. At first, I was hesitant to try since tea tree could be slightly strong for my skin, but no matter what skin type you have, this product functions mildly and optimally for all. For instance, my skin is ultra sensitive, but this is definitely one of the few products I would recommend to everyone. Keep reading to find out all of its wonderful benefits in my honest, 14-day trial review.


  • BEST FOR: All skin types
  • USES: To soothe, moisturize, nourish irritated skin and remove blemishes
  • INGREDIENTS: Tea Tree, CICA, niacinamide, total of 22 natural extracts


14 day acne soothing and skin hydrating results

14 day acne soothing and skin hydrating results

The Results: It works wonders

Results will surely depend on the individual, but with consistent use, you can expect a huge improvement in your skin. I’m evangelical about Glam Up’s Calming Booster Tea Tree Serum because out of all the products I have tried so far, it worked best for calming my angry breakouts and erasing my blemishes. It’s also mild and gentle, friendly even for sensitive skin like mine. As you can see, it took me just four days-- yes, FOUR DAYS-- to clear up my whole forehead. By Day 5, redness faded noticeably, and by Day 7, all the pimples I have been trying to get rid of for weeks flattened out completely.

I really can’t put into words how satisfied I am with the results. I must say, this may become your next favorite daily product that simultaneously keeps your skin moisturized and alleviates your skin concerns. And herein lies the reasons why I claim this serum as the perfect formula for acne-prone skin such as mine.Β 

Glam Up Calming Booster Tea Tree Serum