HALLOWEEN MONTH #1. Why We Need To Cleanse
   By. GoSelly Admin

It’s the end of the day and you just want to take your heels off and relax. Little do you know, your skin is asking for the same. Our skin, the biggest organ in our body, after a long day also needs to breathe and get some tender loving care as well.

There are many different types of tools you can use on your skin to cleanse. Depending on your skin care needs (or level of laziness). By using one of the following tools to cleanse daily we can maintain clearer smoother skin (keep our glow up!).

The towel takes time & not recommended for sensitive skin

By dampening a towel with lukewarm water you can wipe away makeup residue and buildup. Just make sure you apply a small amount of cleanser on the face before (so you can effectively wipe away any gritty makeup).

Leaves oil to wash off But Convenient & Fast to erase

Easy to carry anywhere, cotton pads are versatile and great when you need a quick fix for removing makeup. Be mindful as the level of makeup and grime removal can depend on the amount makeup worn. Perfect for taking off light makeup but for heavier makeup days cotton pads may not be enough. Also, some cotton pads can be rougher than others so be mindful when using cotton pads too excessively.

Compact to use but it leaves grime & irritate your skin

If your having a real lazy day but want to give your skin a break without doing too much, using a cleansing tissue can also be a great option. Just make sure you don’t overuse one tissue (use 2 if needed). Facial cleansing tissue wipes are convenient and handy but always relying on them isn’t the best this is because cleansing tissue wipes aren’t thorough can leave grime and makeup on your skin and sometimes cleansing tissues can also irritate your skin as well.

Easy to use Cleans & Removes grime fastly

If you want a thorough cleanse using a brush, but unsure of how much pressure you need to use, using an automated brush may be a great option. The VANAV 3D sonic brush is a great way to cleanse. Extremely effective in removing grime and impurity buildup, by applying a small amount of foam cleanser over the face and using the automated speed setting (from level 1-3) you can pick the motion most suited for your skin.