By. GoSelly Admin

Creating a small flick upwards opens up your eyes and makes a big difference. With a bat wing eyeliner, add a spooky spin to your everyday eyeliner and create a glorious goth glam look.

1. Line your lids in bold, black bat wings or make a subtle wings with an oldie but goodie black eyeliner.
2. Set it with a black shadow, and apply a red eyeshadow and a glitter on the bottom lash line (Fake lash is optional)

Wallah! it's done! Nothing too crazy right?! A cute decal sticker for your face could be an extra point!

Blood, guts and gore are popular for Halloween but, sometimes we don’t want creepy costumes. Make yourself look ethereal and add some dazzle with the glitter tips below!

1. Do a red smokey eye and layer two different types of chunky flecks of glitters on your eyelid with a flat stiff brush
2. Layer metallic glitter and jazz it up with some moody lipstick.

The shimmering makeup will catch people’s eye at a party like a mirror ball just remember not to rub your eyes and lip!

Catwoman has been loved forever for her fierce looks and her black leather suit. If you want a easy and cute halloween version of Catwoman follow the tips below!

1. With a black eyeliner and mark out where you want the mask to sit around your eyes. (it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, it is up to you)
2. Fill mask with eyeliner and set it with a black eyeshadow. Color stitches for extra flair!

Now you can prowl Gotham city with your cat mask on! β€œCat comes when they feel like Not when they’re told” meow~~