By. GoSelly Admin

This face mask fights blotchy skin and freckles, nutrients in pumpkins also helps brightens skin tone.

1. Use inner part of Steamed pumpkin and mix both the egg yolk and pumpkin.
2. Place some flour together with the pumpkin and yolk creating a thicker consistency.
3. Thoroughly cleanse skin before applying the face mask.
4. Apply face mask and after 15-20 minutes wash off with lukewarm water.

This facemask smoothes and clarifies, rough skin.

1. Mix pumpkin with honey, milk, and flour and stir well.
2. Apply face mask over face and neck and cover face with cling wrap for deeper absorption of nutrients.
3. After 15~20 minutes wash off with lukewarm water.

Exfoliate dull tired skin with this face mask recipe and see your skin glow.

1. Stir all of the above ingredients in a bowl
2. Place in a airtight container or a mason glass jar
3. Use as a body scrub in the shower 1-2 a week
4. Store in fridge (after use)