Holiday Series #5 Shiny Holiday MakeUp
   By. GoSelly Admin

1. After base makeup, apply a gold highlighter over cheeks and chin line for a dewy glow look.

2. Apply a cool pink tone shade over your lids and under eye.
Use a dramatic plum color eyeliner pencil draw from the inner corner of your eye to the outer edges.

3. Afterwards apply a creamy plum eye shadow over the eyeline afterwards for a dramatic smokey look.

4. Apply a deep burgundy lip gloss to finish the look

1. Use a brown eyeshadow as base. Afterwards, apply a pastel burgundy color shadow (like an eyeliner) over your lids and under eye.

2. Apply an orange pastel eyeshadow and a champagne gold shadow over the orange pastel.

3. Apply eyeliner and put on your favourite lash defining mascara.

4. Brush on a pink pastel blush over cheeks, then stick on some diamond stone stickers over both cheeks. Finish the look with a fuschia pink lip tint or lipstick

1.First apply your base makeup such as your foundations, bb cream, concealers alike.

2. Apply a small amount of silver liquid pearl eyeshadow on your hand.

3. With a shadow brush apply the silver pearl shadow on the inner edges of your eyelid.

4. Finish the look with a glossy clear lip gloss.