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I have had pimples pop up on my face every other week since I was 13 years old. Throughout middle school, high school, and even college, I thought those Neutrogena spot treatment gels and Stridex pads were what I needed to β€œdry” out my pimples. I even avoided moisturizers because I thought my face was oily enough that I didn’t need more products on my face. Oh boy, if I could go back in time, I would teach my younger self a few rules for proper pimple protection:
1) Double cleanse, 2) Hydrate, 3) Avoid picking those pimples!

Fortunately, a couple years ago, I started seeing pimple patches on the market and learned that these are the easiest and the best product to care for pimples. Not only do they stop me from picking on pimples, which can cause scarring, they actually work to heal fast. Meaning, I don’t have to run off to the dermatologist every time I spot my pimples.

maskne caused by wearing face masks

Since the start of summer, face masks have been keeping me safe from COVID-19. But with the mask comes maskne! The small space between my face and the mask becomes like a petri dish for moisture and oil to cause breakouts. Whenever I’m wearing makeup and the second I start feeling my face slightly sweaty, I just know I’m going to get pimples.

Ever since the regularity of wearing face masks, the recurrence of pimples became frequent and I’ve been reaching more and more for good quality yet cost-effective pimple patches.

2 step spot care microneedle pimple patch package

Most of the patches available on the market are hydrocolloid bandages, which creates a moist environment to suck fluid out of a pimple as healing process.

Which makes2 Step Spot Care by Glam Up so special, as to being my favorite kind of patch for pimples, breakouts... or just whenever maskne hits.

Thin microneedle and 2 different size hydrocolloid patches

The Glam Up 2 Step Spot Care pimple patch contains two types of patches - the hydrocolloid kind mentioned above, as well as the microneedle patch. Yes, this is totally 2-in-1 deal in one package!

The package comes with thin and invisible 18 patches:
1) 6 * 12mm Microneedle patches,
2) 6 * 12mm Hydrocolloid patches for the larger pimples,
3) 6 * 7mm Hydrocolloid patches for the smaller pimples.

Microneedle and different sized hydrocolloid patches in one package

Innovative microneedles are made of water-soluble materials that dissolve over 2-3 hours once they meet the skin. A microneedle patch is a hydrocolloid patch with little β€œneedles” that penetrate the skin barrier, creating little β€œtunnels” for the active ingredients to go through (GoSelly has a really great video describing how microneedle patches work). Now, don’t get terrified by the term β€œneedles”, because they are microscopic meaning thinner than a single strand of hair.

Microscopic + needle patches basically take hydrocolloid patches to the next level by treating acne more effectively, permeating hyaluronic acid with active ingredients, than to simply creating a moist environment to absorb excess pus and oil.

Microneedles details in microneedle patch

These patches come in the plastic case (which seems more caring and sophisticated), whereas pimple patches from other brands usually come in a vinyl sleeve.

The microneedle patches come on a film that says in Korean and English, β€œpeel off from this side” because there is no film touching the patch where the microneedles are concentrated in the middle. So make sure to be extra careful and not touch the center area because it will increase the chance of bacteria getting into your skin when the microneedles penetrate the skin barrier!

Personal tip : Keep the pimple patch in a mini-fridge to keep the actives fresh.

pimple patch in a mini-fridge

This week has been stressful with loads of work and meetings, meaning many days with the masks. Next thing I know, I felt big and small pimples forming on my jaw and the side of my chin.

hydrocolloid and microneedle patch on a fingertip

I simply stuck on a hydrocolloid patch for a small pus-filled pimple. But with this large pimple that was forming from deep underneath the skin with stubborn red bump, I knew I had to use the microneedle patch. I pressed it onto my pimples for 10 seconds so I could make sure they stayed adhered to my skin. Not to forget, I applied these patches only on a fully cleansed and after-a-toner face (NEVER apply them after a serum / moisturizers).

I could sense the little plastic-feeling needles, but It was nothing like an excruciating pain - the pressure was like 0.1 out of 10 if I were to place the discomfort feeling on a scale.

I went to bed having these patches overnight, letting the microneedles create those β€œtunnels” for the actives to do the magic. When I woke up, I was relieved to see all of the patches stayed put on my face... and what a surprise! The microneedle patch had all of the microneedles dissolved!

dissolved microneedles in the middle after the usage

I was excited to see the difference that the patches made. It got rid of the small pimple entirely, and made the big pimple less inflamed. Without the microneedle patch, the pimple would have taken days to β€œmature” with a large, tender, elevated bump and eventually form a pustule (that I would have loved to squeeze, which probably have caused a bad scar and an ugly mark that would last for years >_<). Not only the microneedle patch cut down the steps of horrific pimple experiencing days but also the amount of pain.

before and after using microneedle pimple patch

The Glam Up 2 Step microneedle patches actually worked and have done the wonders!

There were times I would be flared with the results of pimple patches due to dissatisfaction over exaggerated advertisements. But this time, I was very happy and satisfied.

Couple of my friends were surprised when I recommended this product, because they know how picky I get when it comes to skincare.

I mean the product itself is super convenient since the package carries both microneedle and hydrocolloid patches, so no need to purchase 2 separate items to serve the purpose.

How can there be a doubt in recommending these to anyone who is suffering from small to serious inflammatory acnes when there are so many benefits?

microneedle pimple patch active ingredients

Also these Glam Up patches contain many ingredients to treat the pimple and to soothe the skin, where other patches don’t include many at all.

A brief description of active ingredients i found to share,

Treating Ingredients
1) Salicylic Acid: help clear and prevent pimples by reducing swelling and redness and unplugging blocked skin pores to allow pimples to shrink. It softens and loosens dry, scaly, or thickened skin so that it falls off or can be removed easily.
2) Niacinamide: A vitamin that helps make pores look smaller, improve uneven skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, diminish dullness, and improves the skin barrier.

Soothing Ingredients
1) Sodium Hyaluronate: The sodium form of hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule found in skin that absorbs 1000 times its weight in water.
2) Cica: Also referred to as Centella Asiatica. Shown to revitalize skin's protective barrier, and reduce visible effects of sun damage.
3) Camellia Extract: This extract has antioxidant, anti-pollution, and soothing abilities that protect against external irritants and defends against UVB damage.

Best of all, these patches are less than $10 (compared to $34 Zitsticka) and you can save a little extra money with my 20% off affiliate code (code: 2pimplepatch) on Amazon valid until 10/31.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever use a microneedle pimple patch?

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