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DID YOU KNOW not all hand sanitizers are safe? When it comes to purchasing one, it is best to check the ingredients it contains. According to the FDA, any hand sanitizer that contains Methanol can be toxic and can cause blindness and even death if ingested followed by nausea, dizziness and visual disturbances due to methanol poisoning.

Great alternative sanitizers are the ones that contain ethanol/ethyl alcohol as their active ingredient. With that in mind, let’s not forget CDC recommends the hand sanitizers that are purchased should at least have 60 percent ethanol or 70 percent isopropanol.

So if you are planning on purchasing or own a hand sanitizer that contains methanol, move on and get rid of it for your own safety.

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Of course, when the Covid-19 pandemic first broke out, most people didn’t care what type of hand sanitizer they got. Though, now in today’s society, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer constantly has become the new normal. Facing a realization of not knowing however long this pandemic is going to last, purchasing the trusted, reliable, safe and yet cost-effective seems to be a must.

As a mom to a 2 year-old, it is in my best interest to find products that are high-quality and safe not only for my well-being but my little one as well.

safe hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs

When I found out that a brand I had heard great things about and have been selling hand sanitizers on amazon, I knew I had to get it.

I admit, I’m a huge fan of amazon and just the fact that I can easily purchase and have it delivered to my front door was definitely intriguing. Not to mention, these sanitizers arrived securely without any leakage or a damage to the products.

As a result, I am so glad to have gotten and received this Kundal hand sanitizer from amazon. This became essential to me and my family for every time we went out, and even to use at home.

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Kundal is a popular K-beauty personal care and hair care brand that has gained traction due to its all-green initiative and the fact that all its products are made of only safe and natural ingredients. They are also Korea’s No. 1 Haircare brand (in the natural category) with their Cherry Blossom and Baby Powder range being the major sell-outs of the brand.

I knew KUNDAL could be the one I can trust when it comes to quality and price.

While I was doing research over the past few weeks, I read that their amazon hand sanitizers are indeed a trusted product. Not only this sanitizer was recognized as Korea’s No.1 reliable sanitizer, the brand has sold more than 11 million bottles in the US and selected as state supplies by the California State Government.

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Since my family works in the medical field, it has always been natural for us to use hand sanitizer for extra protection. Just imagine how many different hand sanitizers I came across for the past 10 years working at the hospital and especially after Covid-19.

This hand purifying gel contains 62% ethyl alcohol which keeps my hands clean & sterilized, killing 99.9% of germs while naturally derived extracts (green tea and aloe vera) helps to smooth and moisturize. No hesitation to an assurance that Kundal Hand Sanitizer is not only satisfying, but also safe & effective.

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Using a hand lotion after applying hand sanitizer became a habit because most products left me with compromised skin and in the worst case, chapped. I’m not going to lie and say this sanitizer is as moisturizing as hand creams, but it definitely keeps the hands less dry enough where no cream is needed.

This sanitizer has a watery gel formula which leaves the hands feeling soft, refreshed and most importantly non-sticky. With this, you don’t need a lot as a little goes a long way.

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This amazon hand sanitizer comes in two sizes: one is a large bottle (16.9 fl.oz) which is great for leaving at home, while the other size is smaller and portable (3.38 fl.oz), great for on-the-go and traveling.

They both are a pump type which is very convenient and easy to use, without having to worry about overusing. As much as being an alcohol-based product, it smells like any regular rubbing alcohol which gives me a sense of security that this does help sterilize my hands. Also the scent of alcohol is not too strong and evaporates quick enough to not be nauseated.

large and travel size hand sanitizer pump bottle

I used to always store and leave hand sanitizers in my car, especially when the pandemic started. However I recently heard that it's not safe to leave hand sanitizer in a vehicle so I started to carry around instead.

And since this amazon hand sanitizer also comes in a travel size, it's very convenient to have it in my purse while leaving the bigger bottle at home; one in my beauty desk as well as my husband’s work desk, by our T.V, in the living room, etc.

This amazon hand sanitizer is definitely everywhere in my life.

safe amazon sanitizer for home and traveling

The main lesson is it's important to use hand sanitizer as an alternative to help keep ourselves safe and help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, especially if there is no access to a bathroom or a place with soap and water.

The next time you're looking for a trustworthy hand sanitizer, I definitely recommend purchasing Kundal Hand Sanitizer. If you are interested, you may use this 10% off Coupon code(Affiliates Coupons) : Β KUNDALSANITΒ  valid until 9/30 from Amazon.

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