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I’ve always had oily hair, but it wasn’t until I reached my late 20s that I started experiencing hair loss because of it. Everytime I wake up in the morning, I would see multiple strands of hair lying on my pillow. As I brushed or combed my hair, I experienced a lot of breakage and fall out. The same thing occurred when I would wash my hair in the shower. As someone who had very thick and full hair up until that point, it was incredibly disheartening to witness.

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After doing research on my own, I found out that a lot of product build ups clog up pores to obstruct nourishment and causes an oily scalp which eventually leads to hair loss.
The oils, serums, shampoos and various products I was using in my hair were weighting the hair down. While I thought they were supposed to help my hair nourish and grow, they were actually making my oily hair even worse!

The solution became apparent to me. I realized I had to determine the proper products that would bring my hair back to its full and volumized state and cut back on the products that I had been using for years. It was then that my search for new products began.

best hair loss biotin shampoo and set

This is when I came across Crazy Skin Beers Shampoo and Conditioner and Set in an ad. At first ,the name struck me as unique, considering I’ve never come across hair products that use beer yeast extract.

I was curious about how the ingredient of beer yeast could help with hair loss and thicken the hair to make it appear shinier and healthier. At that point, I was in desperate need of a solution and decided to give it a try. Not to mention, the fun and colorful packaging made me want to try it even more.

best anti hair loss shampoo bottle cap

Rather than a pump, the bottles have a cap that makes the product come out easily and smoothly. From past experiences, I’ve realized that pumps can be messy and almost impossible to bring with you on your travels if there isn’t a cap option. This detail was small, but something that I found to be very useful.

After my first wash with the shampoo, there were some things that instantly caught my attention. The smell was not as strong or powerful as I expected. It doesn’t have a β€œbeer” scent to it which is what I expected once seeing the ingredients that are in the products.

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This Crazy Skin Beers Shampoo surely lathered up very nicely and only a little product was able to go a long way.

Even with cutting back some products, I still use oil/serums to retain the moisture levels and a dry shampoo to avoid having oily hair and this sometimes can lead to major build ups. Well this shampoo made sure to get rid of any build ups that I experienced, and gave my hair an incredibly deep clean without feeling too harsh or irritating to my scalp.

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Not only did this shampoo keep my hair away from getting oily faster than it should, it got rid of every bit of dirt and oil but no feeling of dryness in my hair. Instead, my hair felt incredibly moisturized and nourished. I also adore how this shampoo is slightly acidic with a pH level of 5.5. This ensures to keep my hair clean while protecting the scalp from irritations and unnecessary bacteria.

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Moving onto the Crazy Skin Beers Hair Pack, I experienced very similar results. The texture of the hair pack was incredibly soothing as I applied it to my hair. Just like the shampoo, the scent is subtle, floral, and not too overpowering. It doesn’t smell like beer, a scent that could be a bit strong for certain people's liking.

After using the hair pack, I instantly noticed the softness and shine as if 10 minutes did its wonder in revitalizing. I also realized how easy it was for my hair to detangle, which is a crucial part to my hair care routine I’ve grown to like doing over the years simply due to the fact that it prevents more hair loss.

The comb glided through my hair and I noticed a significant decrease in how much my hair falls.

best hair loss hair mask result

Overall, these results that I experienced from several washings were incredibly impressive. It’s been such a long journey searching for the right products to match my hair’s needs and these products showed me results immediately after using them. Not to mention, my hair appears to be more volumized, shiny and full of life.

It will take some time before I get to see long-term results, however, based on my first few impressions of the products, I can tell my hair is really going to enjoy experiencing these products.

As someone who has dealt with hair loss and oily hair for years, it is satisfying to finally use a product that will give me the results that I’ve been looking for. These products are unique and unlike a lot of others in the market considering they have a special ingredient, beer extract.

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I now have something to look forward to with my hair, rather than feeling discouraged to watch the amount of hair loss I have on my pillow, brush and in the shower. I can’t wait to experience less hair falls and oil-free hair as I continue to use these products more and more. If you are looking for something that will bring your dull hair back to life, I highly recommend trying out these products together. The shampoo does not have any parabens or silicone making it a great option if you have hair that is thin or fragile or even any kinds of hair.

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