The Korean Beauty Avengers
   By. GoSelly Admin

So why do Koreans do this so well?

Historically in the Chosun and Shilla age of Korea, maids serving in the King’s court, concubines and Queens alike, all rigorously used a variety of natural remedies for their daily skin care needs.

Beauty Equals Power

Brandishing her power with her beauty Hui-Bin Jang is known to be one of the best known royal concubines of the Chosun dynasty and is often compared to Anne Boleyn of England

Considered to be Hui-Bin Jang’s biggest rival Suk-Bin Choinhad a similar life to Cinderella. From a poor family, later rising high in the social ladder, she had become a royal concubine to the King.
To win over the King’s affection and favor these two consorts battled each other with their custom skin regimes. Each claiming to be more beautiful than the other.

ingredients such as redbean, licorice and medicinal herbsto deter dull and lifeless skin while,

Suk-Bin Choi used

ingredients such as tomato powder, buckwheat and oatmeal to minimize enlarged pores.

Forever Young

Similarly, Nok-Su Jang nhistorically is considered to be one of the youthful looking concubines to YeonsanGun of Chosun (the Korea version of King Nero). Working as a kisaeng (ex escort) prior to becoming a concubine she was well known for her youthful appearance and exceptional talent for music and singing.

It is stated that she maintained her youthful appearance and immaculate skin by using, Cuscuta Seeds, Oatmeal and Green tea to fight skin troubles

Don’t Be Jelly!

Significantly, Sooro-Booin a beautiful beauty known to have lived during the Shilla dynasty was known to have religiously used Blackbean, Seaweed and Licorice to deter dry and dehydrated skin. Having possessed great beauty, it apparently even made the Dragon Water God’s jealous, as they snatched her away (or so myths say).

Our Recipe Now In Your Hands

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