Achieve the ✨Glass Skin✨ Goal of your dreams with TikTok viral mask from Versed

Want glowing, smooth and radiant skin?

Let’s get skintimate with the latest skincare sensation going viral on TikTok. Versed Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask has been delighting skin care lovers across the popular social media platform on account of its affordable price point and more importantly, its stunning skin results.

The Versed instant resurfacing mask consisting of AHA’s, BHA’s and exfoliating fruit enzymes all formulated to expertly sloth away dead skin cells and reveal a glowing and brighter skin complexion. This exfoliating mask is great for hyperpigmentation, as well as minimizing the appearance of pores leaving you with soft, supple, and glowing skin. Did we mention its vegan and cruelty free?

This under $20 skin care secret went viral on TikTok when user Aisha Nur shared the results of her glass-skin complexion as a result of using the Versed instant resurfacing mask. Viewers were amazed and instantly scooped up the product in hopes of achieving the same results for their skin to bling brighter than the sun!

Intrigued by the post facial complexion and amazing claims from TikTok users, our Glowish influencer Angela Park decides to take a peep at this product in hopes of achieving her own glass-skin moment.Angela has combination skin : an oily t-zone and dry everywhere else. She claims her biggest problem area is her forehead where she tends to break out the most and has issues with texture and bumps.

When opening the jar, Angela is delighted to see the jelly-like texture of the gel mask and that the product only has a very slight pineapple fragrance. She is not a fan of strong fragrances in her skin care products. When applying the mask, she describes it as light, cool and very refreshing. Some first-time users will feel a tingling or slight burning sensation as it is technically a chemical exfoliating mask, but for Angela, she does not experience any of this and actually enjoys how it feels on her skin.

β€œHonestly, I’m pleasantly surprised. I feel like my skin just feels really bouncy. It’s kind of glowing right now.”

- Angela Park

After using the product for the second time, the influencer is pleased to see visible changes in her skin, specifically on her forehead.

β€œI like products that are super simple, to the point and really get the job done. Not complicated. This is one of those products for me.” γ…€ - Angela Park
So what’s the overall verdict on this viral skinsational product?
Does the instant resurfacing mask live up to its hype? It’s a thumbs up from Glowish influencer Angela Park. After using the product for two weeks, she is happy to report her skin feels great.

β€œI really have enjoyed using this mask.

I would rate it an overall 4.5/5 stars … it really does an amazing job at giving you that post facial treatment feel.

I feel my skin is glowing. My forehead is definitely cleared up … it’s a product that gets the job done.”

- Angela Park

With such a positive experience using the Versed exfoliating mask, the influencer is now curious to try other products from the brand. Have you tried this mask that will give you the glowing skin look of your dreams?