What Color Are YOU?
   By. GoSelly Admin

By harmonizing your logic and emotions you always have endless energy

A natural born leader, you don’t follow others. Competitive and social you are a passionate influential person. Always talking about goals and success, rather than planning and strategizing,you walk straight forward to your goals.

Having too much activities can be tiring, try and balance your energy wisely.

You are a positive, bright energetic person. Always making those around you happy, like a chameleon you fit in any environment.

Step out of your comfort zone and venture out. Change is sometimes as good as a holiday.

You seek balance and stability. Paying attention to small details you seek all options before acting on them.Always the reliable person you love open spaces and products that reflect nature.

Well spoken, responsible and intellectual you suit areas that require authority.

Always rational and logical you are smart and analytical. You make great effort to specialize in your profession

Be more confident in who you are, as people love your sincerity towards life!

Quick to listen and slow to speak you are a soft gentle giant. People may think you are passive and quiet but often, seek your guidance as you are trustworthy and thoughtful.

Don’t rely too much on your imagination, being realistic is just as important as your creativeness!

Full of wonder and imagination you creatively problem solve and overcome hard obstacles easily. Although calm and reserved you are quick to action and have a natural extinct to impress and persuade others.

You work well with others and suit jobs such as nursing,counselling or in business. Due to your encouraging personality you shine in industries that nurture others.

Trustworthy and reliable, you are like the salt and light to people. Always the supportive one you are a great encourager to those around you.

Be more confident and have a greater belief in achieving your dreams!

You have a strong interest in the supernatural and successfully apply this to your reality well. Having great artistic talent, you express and communicate well and suit religious or artistic areas for work.

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