Beers Hair Shampoo (300ml x 1 EA)

ANTI-HAIR LOSS : Crazy Skin Beers Shampoo adds proprietary anti hair loss complexes clinically with 60,000ppm of Beer Yeast which is the richest source of BIOTIN that indicated to stimulate deep hair growth, prevent breakage and hair loss. Up to 68% of reduced of hair fall as reducing dandruff while improving hair volume within 4 weeks.


🍺 BEER YEAST : Crazy Skin Beers Shampoo is consist of 60,000ppm real Beer Yeast sourced from Germany. It is the richest source of BIOTIN that helps be volumized, strengthen, thicken and stimulated natural hair regrowth while providing intense moisture, a deeply cleansing formula that leaves the hair and scalp refreshing.

NATURAL DHT BLOCKERS : Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Greenol(Herb Complex - Lavender/Bergamot/Freesia/Peppermint/Chamomile/Rosemary), Natural derived surfactants

Beer for Hair

The Magnificent Benefits of Beer Yeast

The study of beer yeast began in the 1970s in Germany, noting that German beer factory workers had rich and smooth hair. CRAZY SKIN Beers Hair Care products are made with real beer yeast sourced from Germany, which provides THE RICHEST SOURCE OF BIOTIN. With various vitamins and protein (including B3, B7 Complex) and more than 15 minerals, it blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Moreover, such vitamins and minerals improve luster shine, condition, and softness. Experience fuller and thicker hair with Crazy Skin Beers Shampoo!

  • Super High Potency Biotin
  • Enriched with Niacin & Keratin
  • Selenium
  • Plant-Based Proteins