Dewy Water Skin Primer [Blurry]

Size: 35ml/1.18 fl oz

How to Use
1. Shake lightly before using and press the middle of the container to use.
2. Take an appropriate amount during the makeup base step and correct it by filling in the pores and irregularities.
3. When modifying makeup, gently wipe with a small amount of primer and cleanse the skin texture.


🎨 Blurry Filter effect
: fills the pores and irregularities blured on the skin to make the skin smooth
: adheres evenly and keeps the makeup on for a long time without collapsing

🧊 Water in essence texture
: 84% water essence and hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates the skin and gives it a natural shiny, transparent glow


Available in 3 variations

The first step to a perfect skin texture by replenishing moisture and blurring skin imperfections without clogging pores. Blurs pores and evens out the skin.
Water essence that holds 84% of the moisture gives instant hydration and a natural, clear glow to the skin. The silicon-free primer does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe, and provides a light and fresh finish.
A dewy water formula is quickly absorbed to smooth out the skin texture. Suitable when you need a comfortable coverage of the skin texture, when you want good skin condition for makeup, when you want long-lasting makeup, when you want to re-do makeup on a clean face, or when you want to create natural-looking skin.

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