Blemishield Patch (3 Pack)

Glam Up's hydrocolloid pimple patch encourages the healing of skin troubles, acne, pimples, breakouts, and zits by absorbing pus and protecting the wound against bacterial infection. The acne dots work on any skin type and condition as it has a breathable design to help reduce redness, inflammation and scarring.

The zit patch has very strong adhesion and extremely high absorption. The zit patches for face can be put on and worn in the shower without being worried about it falling off. The acne patches are waterproof and can be 100% trusted for an optimal healing environment.

Our zit patch is only 0.01mm thick, meaning that it is practically invisible. Our zit patches for face looks completely natural on all skin tone and when put on, daily makeup is possible on the pimple stickers. The clear, matte finish and extra thin edge blend in with all skin tones!

Our zit stickers come in 2 different sizes : 12mm and 10mm. Big or small, our zit stickers have you covered.

Recommended for

Small pimples to cystic acne

How To Use

1. Clean and dry your pimple, acne or zit area, choose which size fits your skin trouble.
2. Carefully peel and stick the zit patch on top of your trouble. It’s the best choice to keep your zit protected and accelerate healing process while shrinking pimples.

  • The MOST Invisible

    Our goal with Blemishield is to make it the most invisible than others. We confidently say it's thinner than others, different from others.

  • Only 0.01cm

    It's super, ultra-thin so you can barely see them. This transparent, matte finish hydrocolloid patch is virtually undetectable and effortlessly blends into any skin tones.

  • Beveled Edge

    Designed with beveled edges, it fits more securely than many other patches and the center helps powerfully extract all pus and impurities straight from the source.

  • The MOST adhesive

    Specifically designed for strong adhesion, it adheres directly to the skin and stays well in a place all-day.

  • Strong Adherence

    It strongly adheres to curved areas such as the jawline and hairline, also lasts long for hours and even days.

  • Great staying power

    It sticks so well to the skin and is waterproof, you can keep it on for a shower and even wear makeup over it.