Perfumed Hair Serum [TXT Limited Edition]
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A set of limited edition hair serums that comes with photo cards of TXT members.
- This set of hair serums allow for one to experience all five of the signature hair serums from Kundal.
- This product comes with five TXT (Tomorrow X Together) photo cards of each individual member.
- This set of hair serums contain ingredients that help to nourish and hydrate dull, dry hair.

This set consists of the 5 following serums :
🍦[Yeonjun] Amber Vanilla : Sweet vanilla with a taste of amber
- TOP : Mild Berry
- MIDDLE : Amber, Peach
- BASE : Vanilla, Woody, Musk

🌼[Soobin] White Musk : Musk with a very subtle hint of flowers
- TOP : Lemon, Aldehyde
- MIDDLE : Powder Musk, Ylang Ylang
- BASE : Patchouli, Amber

💐[Beomgyu] Ylang Ylang : Lovely fragrance of flowers and musk
- TOP : Orange, Apple, Peach, Raspberry
- MIDDLE : Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Lily, Violet, Orange Blossom
- BASE : Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla

🍹[Taehyun] Pink Grapefruit : Sweet, refreshing scent of grapefruit
- TOP : Grapefruit, Peach, Yuza, Pineapple
- MIDDLE : Orchid, Rose
- BASE : Cedarwood

🌸[Huening Kai] Cherry Blossom : Light, flowery cherry blossom
- TOP : Leom, Orange, Raspberry
- MIDDLE : Rose, Heliotrope, Lily
- BASE : Sugar, Woody, Musk
Size: 100ml *5

Key Ingredients

[5 scent]
Amber Vanilla
White Musk
Ylang Ylang
Pink Grapefruit
Cherry Blossom

✔Abundant Nutrition Supply
✔Strong Hair Protection
✔ Moisturizing Water Oil Balance & Soft Glow Care

How to Use

1. Towel-dry hair after shampooing. Take an adequate amount into the palms and work through hair from mid-lengths to ends.
2. Style after hair is dry.
3. After styling, apply more to areas of concern.
4. Reapply as necessary throughout the day depending on hair condition.





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