Reflecting Pearl Fixer
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Size: 50ml / 1.69oz


βœ”Long Stay Fixer
: The flimer component forms a thin film, which helping your makeup long lasting.

βœ”Clear Skin
: It has the effect of making your pores look small and makes your skin shiny and smooth.

How to Use

1. Shake the product 10 times or more.
* The built-in sussball helps blend the pearl and fixer layers.

2. Spray about 10cm away from your face.

3. Spray evenly across face and put on makeup after the fixer dries completely.

Complete your makeup with a long-lasting makeup fixer. NAMING Reflecting Pearl Fixer sets makeup with a pearly glow and hydrates your skin with its fine mist.
It has the effect of making your pores look small and making your skin shiny and smooth.
It helps the makeup stay in place comfortably and boosts the glow of the skin.

Customer Reviews

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Audria L
Awesome Fixer/Setting Spray

I really like the Pearl Fixer by Naming. It's very affordable, too^^ After shaking it up, then spraying it from a distance, it does leave a beautiful shine on my face! Don't touch your face right after, though!!! After I dried down, my makeup stayed fairly put for most of the day :) I'll continue repurchasing this fixer.