BTS Sheet Mask (12 Combo)
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AN ASSORTMENT OF TREATMENTS : Brightening, Hydrating, Calming and Moisturizing facial sheet masks curated to enhance the natural glow of all skin types.

NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS : Leaping Bunny certified, these sheet masks are Cruelty Free.

REASONABLE PRICE : Enjoy 12 high quality skin beneficial results with the most affordable price in the market.


Shea Butter, Aloe, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Green Tea, Lemon and many more beneficial ingredients.

Recommended for

From acne to dryness, this combo is perfect for all ages, skin types and concerns.

The Best Makeup starts with Healthy Skin.

Treasuring natural beauty and natural ingredients we believe true "Glam" comes from healthy, glowing skin.

Daily K-Beauty Skin Therapy

Use as Daily Skin Supplement
We understand that skin types change depending on the environment, age and lifestyle. Whatever your skin type is dry, combination, acne prone, tired or aging, experience the difference with our 12 set Supreme collection. All 12 Sheet mask recipes have been DEVELOPED and MADE IN KOREA, USING the most natural extracts such as : Aloe, Peppermint, Green Tea, Acaiberry, Oatmeal, Tea Tree, Tomato, Pomegranate, Avocado, Lemon, Shea Butter, Sake (Japanese Rice). EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL YOUR SKIN CONCERNS 20 minutes a day to uplift and revitalize.


  • For Acne-Prone Skin

    • GREEN TEA : Refreshing, Pore Cleansing
    • PEPPERMINT : Refreshing, Pore Cleansing
    • TEA TREE : Refreshing, Pore Cleansing

  • For Dull Tired Skin

    • SAKE (JAPANESE RICE) : Whitening, Smoothing Skin Texture
    • LEMON : Brightening, Revitalizing
    • TOMATO : Radiant, Elasticity

  • For Dry Skin

    • ALOE : Soothing, Moisturizing, Hydrating
    • AVOCADO : Deep-Moisturizing, Nourishing
    • OATMEAL : Clarifying, Deep-Moisturizing

  • For Wrinkle Prone Skin

    • ACAIBERRY : Anti-Oxidant, Nourishing
    • SHEA BUTTER : Nourishing, Deep-Moisturizing
    • POMEGRANATE : Firming, Anti-Oxidant



  • Natural : Hypoallergenic
  • Super-Adhesive Sheet : Premium Natural sheet perfectly covers by curved area on face and make the skin evenly absorb the essence
  • Comfortable Moisture Grip : When essence is fully absorbed, the mask sheet uplifts from face



Keep the Good & Ban the Bad

  • Cruelty-Free(Not Tested on Animals)

    Our sheet masks are CRUELTY FREE CERTIFIED by the Leaping Bunny Association.

  • Harmful-Substances Free

    The below harmful ingredients have been EXCLUDED Alcohol, Talc, Paraben, Silicone, Synthetic Color, Triethanolamine, Sodium Sulfate , BHT, Benzophenone

  • Highest Quality (ISO22716 & cGMP)

    Glam Up Sheet Masks are produced in the highest Q.A facility as we are-(Korean Best Manufacturer certified cGMP and ISO22716.)


Best Skin Tips For Masking

  • Cleanse First

    Cleanse with either an oil or cream cleanser. Our skin needs to be able breathe and be make up free before fully absorbing mask sheets.

  • Steam Skin

    For those of us who have oily to combination skin, by using a steam towel you can open pores so that sheet mask can be fully absorbed. Your skin will flood and drink up that skin boosting essence!

  • Cool in the Fridge

    By placing sheet masks in the fridge before use, you can cool skin while masking.

  • Massage Pressure Points

    Destress and relax by lightly pressing pressure points such as, temples or the middle of your two brows while masking.