Thickening Caffeine Hair Conditioner with 3 Peptides Complex

Gentle & Effective Thickening Shampoo - FOAMIST Thickening Caffeine shampoo gently cleanses excess oil and removes buildups to activate and revitalize hair scalp to ends.The hair shampoo is formulated without sulfates, parabens and triclosans to protect and nourish sensitive scalp.

Fuller Thicker Hair - Our thickening caffeine shampoo not only effectively cleanses the scalp, but also promotes hair growth. It is designed specifically to gentle deep cleanse and stimulate the scalp to nourish and revitalize the hair follicles to volumize thin hair, as well as improve strength of hair strings.


CRUELY-FREE & VEGAN & RECYCLED MATERIAL - For Us, For Earth, FOAMIST. Make one clean decision for all. 100% Vegan ingredients, Cruelty-Free and NO harsh chemicals. Our eco-packages made with recycled materials and able to recycle again. Please remove labels and recycle for earth.


3OOK Capsule- The 3OOK capsules inside the shampoo are made up of 3 hair peptides complex. 300K Capsule is specially designed to to help infuse nutrients to the scalp and activate skin regeneration. The 3 peptides work harmonuously with one another to encourage cell regrowth and help strengthen thinning hair.

Caffeine for Hair Growth - Caffeine helps detoxifies the scalp by deep cleansing any residues left on the scalp. From that, caffeine surpresses the hair loss hromone DHT and helps restore hair growth and brings softness and shine back to the hair