Upper Glow Multi Balm [not-RED]
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Size: 7g / 0.25oz

How to Use
1. Melt lightly at the temperature of your fingertips and spread it lightly on the areas where you want to shine.
2. After a certain period of time, it melts naturally on the skin and becomes more glossy.


βœ”Real Glow Texture

βœ”Multi-Purpose Skin Balm
: It is great for final layering on the eyes, cheeks or even lips

βœ”It can be used at any stage before and after makeup


Not Red


Go for a dewy look with this multi-balm that can be applied to the eyes, lips, cupid’s bow, and cheekbones to make your face look healthier and more three-dimensional. It also melts under body temperature for a glossy sheen.
This upper glow multi balm helps deliver glossy face makeup. It is great for final layering on your eyes, cheeks, or lips and also can be used anytime before or after the makeup.

Customer Reviews

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Liliya Novozhylova
WOW! Amazing!

I love this balm! I use it on my lips as a gloss and on my cheeks and nose as a highlighter. It makes me look so dewy and I love that I can use it with other products as well. I got all of my co workers to use this balm and they are also obsessed with it. I definitely recommend you to buy this!