TikTok Viral:
Double Cleansing leaves
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SEP 22, 2023 / By. Crystal Nguonly

According to the TikTok viral trend that was influenced by K-beauty, double cleansing is a skin care hack that actually works. If you wear sunscreen, makeup and other skin care products daily, a single cleanse might not remove all the built-up product and environmental gunk stuck to your face by the end of the day. So what exactly is double cleansing? Double cleansing is the act of washing your face twice. First with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water to initially breakdown oils and remove any product and dirt build up on the skin surface. Then as the last step, using a water-based cleanser to thoroughly clean and nourish the skin barrier. Like so many other beauty trends, this popular skin care β€œhack” has been practiced in Korea for many years and is considered part of the β€œbackbone” of so many beauty and skin care routines.

#double cleansing for oily skin

So who should be double cleansing? Well technically everyone. But it is especially beneficial for those who wear makeup, wear SPF and have oily skin. Now you may think it ironic for an oily skin beauty to be slapping on more oil to clean his or her skin. But in fact, the oil cleanser is great at breaking excess sebum and ultimately balancing out the skin barrier. However, beauties who have skin conditions like eczema or rosacea should be very careful as double cleansing could end up irritating the skin even more.

How to do #double cleansing

The first step in double cleansing is universal for everyone: oil based or micellar water for cleaning. The second step in the process will be individualized to each person’s skin type and concern. If you have acne prone skin, maybe use a medicated cleanser to treat active breakouts. If you have dry skin, maybe use a gentle milk cleanser to avoid stripping your skin of moisture. The most important thing is to choose the correct cleanser for your skin type. The last thing you want to do is irritate your skin even more!

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The Benefits of double cleansing

Cleansing has always been an important step in any skin care routine. Cleansing helps remove all the excess oil, dirt, debris and bacteria that may be lingering on our faces as we go about our day. For those beauties who live in especially polluted environments such as big and highly populated cities, they have much more hiding on their skin barrier than moisturizer and makeup. Double cleansing will make sure to wash away those unwanted guests. Yuck!

What are some of the benefits of double cleansing? Double cleansing allows a clean and clear canvas for your other beauty products such as serums, toners and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin barrier and ultimately boost the effects. Skin can attract bacteria and pollution, which if not properly washed away, can cause acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging. It prevents sebum buildup which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Double cleansing also helps brighten dull skin giving you a dewy and glowing complexion.

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