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OCT 25, 2023 / By. Crystal Nguonly

Born out of a passion for beauty and skin care, Monday Born created a platform where consumers could give input on what they want in their skin care, learn more about ingredients and collaborate with the creators of the products. Many beauty influencers such as co-founder of Monday Born, Teni Panosian, started out as passionate social media personalities sharing their love for all things beauty. With humble beginnings with her blog Miss Maven, and then later in 2011 to her YouTube channel, it only seemed like a natural progression of growth as a consumer of skin care and makeup and as a content creator discussing all things beauty, to create her own beauty brand.

What is Monday Born's goal?

The multi-hyphenated content creator, actress, beauty influencer and luxury brand founder, took a chance and launched her skin care line during the middle of the pandemic in 2020. In partnership with Beaubble, a direct-to-consumer company that helps co-create beauty brands with influencers, Monday Born wanted to create innovative beauty products while taking into consideration environmental sustainability. Its core philosophy is to give the skin what it needs while trying to minimize the impact we have on this earth. One of the goals was to create a brand that practiced sustainability, minimizing carbon footprint where they can and eliminating the practice of over producing and throwing away. After all, we only have one Earth. It’s great to see influencers actively involved in educating others about how consumerism can affect the future of our home!

Our philosophy is centered around two core ideas-giving our skin only what it needs and minimizing the impact we have on our earth. Together, they push the innovation in our products & sustainability. Welcome to the collective journey that is Monday Born.

- Teni Panosian, Founder -

Monday Born + Beaubble

As part of the Beaubble concept, Monday Born develops their products via the help of their community where collaboration and feedback on each product is taken into consideration. It is a community driven brand. Everything from ingredients used in each product, the experience of using the products and its efficacy and results are discussed within the brand community. So many brands/businesses out there are creating products they want us to buy, while Monday Born is creating products we actually want to buy. We can appreciate that brands like Monday Born want to listen to their consumers to provide us with what we want and need!

So what is Monday Born? A luxury, clean beauty, minimalist skin care line designed with all skin types and skin tones in mind. Making it universally appropriate for as many beauties as possible. The brand is also unique in the way it operates, following the direct-to-consumer method and creating limited quantity drops of each product. This helps the brand eliminate waste by only manufacturing the specific ordered amount in small batches. This method also ensures the freshness, potency and efficacy of each product and keeps it from sitting in a warehouse where it could potentially stay until it expires and will need to be thrown out. Yikes! I wonder how many of my skin care products I’ve ordered over the years have been sitting in warehouse shelves before making their way over to my skin care shelf?

Really wanting to hear from the community, the Monday Born Experience was created so consumers could give the brand direct feedback on what they were looking for in their skin care products. The consumers are essentially invited into the creative process. The average beauty consumer is so much more educated and the brand really wants to involve them as much as possible in creating products to best serve them.

6 Products of Monday Born

Monday Born currently has a total of six core essential products that includes: Source, a repairing and hydrating essence; Rebirth, a gentle resurfacing serum; Ritual No. 1, an oil cleanser; Ritual No. 2, a gentle daily cleanser; The Seven, a hydrating moisturizer; and Frequen-C, a 20% vitamin C balm.

Monday Born
Source : A repairing and hydrating essence

Monday Born
Rebirth : A gentle resurfacing serum

Monday Born
Ritual No. 1 : A makeup removing, lightweight antioxidant cleansing oil

Monday Born
Ritual No. 2 : A gentle daily cleanser

Monday Born
The Seven : A hydrating moisturizer

Monday Born

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