TikTok made me try it:
Caudalie Instant Detox
Mask will give you
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April 07, 2023 / By. Crystal Nguonly

Are clay masks making a comeback for 2022? According to TikTok, beauties have rediscovered the power of a purifying face mask. For Millennials and Gen Z, the social media platform TikTok, has now become the forefront of what is new and trending in the beauty industry. And one product blowing up the TikTok beauty scene is the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask Vinergetic C+. This purifying clay mask gets deep into the pores to clear out that extra gunk, leaving you with a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion. I mean it’s totally on trend for the clean girl, no makeup makeup and glowy skin vibes we have been rocking for the past few years.

Beauty TikTok users such as @mireyarios and @rachelocoolmua rave about this newly discovered mask, which has recently received a glam up and is now sold in recyclable tube packaging. Highly impressed with the immediate results from the mask, @rachelocoolmua exclaims: β€œwhere are the pores? … this mask went viral for a reason.”

@mireyarios The VIRAL instant detox mask from @Caudalie is so effective, wow! @sephora #CaudalieDetox #CaudaliePartner ♬ original sound - Mireya Rios

What is the response to the product?

The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask Vinergetic C+ is a 10-minute leave-on mask that will help tighten pores, eliminate excess sebum and draw out any extra impurities, all while leaving the complexion cleaner and brighter. The clean mask is formulated with ingredients such as pink clay, to help reduce oil build-up and removal of dirt and bacteria from pores; caffeine, to help give the skin a boost of energy; and grapeseed oil polyphenols, an antioxidant to help fight off environmental stressors and keep the skin moisturized. With over 1000 five star reviews on Amazon and over 500 five-star reviews on Sephora, this vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and fragrance-free mask has won over the hearts of many hoping to achieve a glowy and radiant complexion. The product retails for about $39 and is delighting TikTokers from all corners of the beauty world.

β€œI first bought this in October 2021 to try it out. It lasted for seven months before I had to get another. The price and value is perfect as well as the mask itself. It makes my skin look great and my acne has diminished significantly. Highly recommend!”

"This mask is literally perfect! It clears out my pores leaving me skin baby soft and clear!"
"This is honestly the best face mask. It will leave your skin feeling extremely clean."

The instant clay mask was also a nominee for the 2022 Allure Reader’s Choice Award. The mask goes on a pinkish mauve color and when it is ready to be removed, it turns into a pinkish white color. Some users even say, they can visibly see the mask getting deep into their pore

Learn more about Naturium

Naturium provides science based, high tech formulas at an affordable price point. In wanting to make skincare inclusive to everyone and accessible to everyone, Naturium also aims to educate their consumers and provide transparency on the ingredients being used in their products.

With the makeup and skin care industry saturated with brands and products, modern consumers are having a more difficult and confusing time deciding what products they should purchase. Beauty lovers are now doing their own due diligence and research on what ingredients are, what they do, where they come from and how it will benefit their skin type and skin concerns. Because of this, many brands like Naturium are stepping up in their formulations and the diversity of their ingredients.

The clean, cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free and dermatologist tested and approved brand has a wide range of skin care products, formulated with potent and effective active ingredients. Naturium makes it easy to create your own skin care routine where you can mix and match different products that will benefit your own skin concerns.

When to use it?

Clay masks have been used in the beauty world for centuries. Just imagine, the ancient Greeks were also probably slathering on clay masks to treat their own skincare woes and concerns. There are many types of clay, but the two most popular types used in facial masks and skin care are bentonite clay and kaolin clay. Because of its history in medicine and healing, years of science-based evidence has proven all the amazing benefits of using clay masks. It is antibacterial, it detoxifies and purifies the skin, It unclogs and reduces the appearance of pores, it helps regulate sebum production, it can help improve skin tone and texture and best of all, it's all natural!

So the next time your skin is going through a rough patch, whether you’ve got acne woes, dry skin flakiness or clogged up pores, the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask might just be the boost and refresher your skin is begging for. It works instantly and will leave your complexion feeling cleaner and brighter than ever.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

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